Reclaiming History - The Santa Fean

The Santa Fean

Feb/ March 2008, The Santa Fean. Download the full article as a PDF.

Six local visionaries focused squarely on the past. We gathered some of our most beloved preservationists— from the director of Cornerstones’ rebuilding projects to the founder of Santa Fe’s Living Treasures program—for a  few lessons in local history.


Signs of Hope - Adapted from Hope Magazine

Hope Magazine


Adapted and updated from an article by William MacNeil in Hope Magazine, spring 1999.

The elders honored by a New Mexico program are not your typical founding fathers. They're people like novelist Frank Waters and Apache artist Allan Houser, the creator of contemporary Indian sculpture. They're also people like "Motorcycle Mama" Winnie Beasley, who says "Life begins at sixty," and Gregorita Rodriguez, a traditional healer who raised nineteen children while working as a cleaning woman at a downtown hotel. They are farmers and preservationists, craftspeople and environmentalists, people who have contributed in all kinds of ways to improving their community.

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Selfless Servants - SF New Mexican

by Ramon Montes, 5/31/2009

The living room in Ramon Montes' house near the Railyard is filled with original pieces by Montes himself. Wooden carvings of La Virgen de Guadalupe and the stations of the cross hang proudly. A few kachinas can be spotted if one looks carefully. Framed Christmas trees made from his late wife's jewelry are displayed on stands on the dining room table.

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